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Test Server was opened!

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Finally, we can announce that the Hardcore x 1 Test Server has been successfully launched and is available to players, so if you want to contribute to the testing, we invite you to join.

How will it differ from x5?

Probably a bit of such an image is formed from the name - Hardcore. If you are a fan of the classic, difficult Lineage game - you will definitely like this server. These will be classic x1 ratings, there will be no Buffer Npc and no items to place buffers (except for events). So those who want to get buff will have to form groups or negotiate with supporters.

There will be a GM shop very similar to that on an x5 server. You will be able to get everything in it not only by donating money, but also by playing and participating in events. The price of CoLs and festival adens is reduced during aden testing, it will be changed later.

Just like on the x5 server, various events will take place every month, and you will win valuable prizes by participating in them.

The results of the Olympics will be updated every two weeks.

All bosses, epic bosses, instance bosses are working, the minimum number of characters for entering instance bosses is reduced, you can see more details in the game by pressing Alt + B.

Working siegs, forts, territory wars and all the other High Five features.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to see what awaits after the opening!

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